Barra Magnum

Rapala Barra Magnum

Built to handle the tropical brutes on all equatorial waters, the Barra Magnum has passed the test with flying colors around the world. Whether fishing for barramundi in Australia, peacock bass in the Amazon or pike and zander/walleye in Europe, the Barra Magnum is up to the task. With all the features of the original Magnums, the Barra Magnum is slightly heavier than the Floating Magnum due to abachi wood construction. Tough, yet incredibly buoyant, abachi imparts a slightly different than its balsa counterparts. Lip design dives the Barra Magnum even deeper than the same size CD Magnums. Specially developed colors along side the tried and true Magnum patterns put you in charge when challenging the demon of the deep.

Rapala Pro Guide tip:
The buoyant Barra Magnum is ideal for crankbait presentations and fishing drop-offs up to three meters (10 feet) deep. Just crank the lure down and when you hit the bottom, stop the retrieve and give the lure a little slack and allow it to back out of trouble. The tight action performs equally well with a steady retrieve and a pull and pause presentation.
The Barra Magnum has a natural tendency to veer to the side when it hits an object â you can feel this on the retrieve when the lure misses a beat. Thanks to this feature the Barra Magnum can be fished through sparse submerged vegetation without hang-ups.

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